Protection Is Proof of Provision

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Key Word(s): Protected

Click here to alleviate any fear connected to your career change.

Click here to ease any fear connected to your career change.

If you could do anything in the world knowing that bills cease to exist and you were limitless, what would you do? The past three years have proven to me that when you follow The Holy Spirit that bills will pay themselves. You don’t have to fight rush hour traffic, dread Monday mornings and live for the weekends because you are doing what you love and what you love is a full expression of what God was thinking when He/She made you.

You have to believe and affirm the inner guidance you are receiving to move forward into your gifting is not by accident or some whimsical, fanciful idea. It is the Divine challenging you to become aware of your capacity to do and give more. Know divine protection and safety come with every instruction given by God as you transition into this new chapter of your life. All is well. Everything you need is provided as long as you follow the guidance and direction of The Holy Spirit, your angels and your Creator. You will not fail. Your guaranteed success is a result of your faith, patience, and willingness to take action.

Don’t ask “will I have enough to make ends meet?” Don’t feed into the broke mentality. Nothing God has ever created is broke or broken. You were born whole and part of your assignment is to remember and give birth to your whole self. You are more than enough and you have more than enough to complete your earthly assignment. During your career transition, you will not go without or lack any good thing. Trust that all you need has already been provided. It’s up to you to recognize it.

This week I partnered with Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle Cards. As always, I thank God, The Holy Spirit, the teachings of Christ, my Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides for their constant guidance and direction.

I Love You. Be Blessed.

Tia DeShay

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