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Key Word(s): Play

Click here to add more playfulness in your life.

Click here to add more playfulness in your life.

I’m drawn to the images and colors of the card. The image of the lotus and the color pink. Let’s begin with the lotus, shall we? What is fascinating about the lotus is that it grows from mud, yet it still retains its beauty. The lotus reminds me of Tupac Shakur’s iconic poem “The Rose that Grew from Concrete.” Beauty can thrive in the most unlikely and the most harsh environments. And that is the message the angels wish to communicate to you this week. You may find yourself in an environment that is harsh, unforgiving, stagnant, negative or unproductive, but be assured that just like Cinderella, you will claim your shoe. The key is for you to find an activity that brings you joy, happiness, and laughter. An activity that will afford you the opportunity to create and play not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. This week find your literal or metaphorical playground, sandbox, swing, monkey bars, or anything that alters the mind into a playful mindset.

Next, let’s look at the color pink. Pink is the walking billboard of all things feminine.  Authentically express your femininity this week. Express more compassion, gentleness, and nurturing in your interactions with others and with yourself this week. Honor and express your intuition and emotions through a creative project or a romantic gesture. If an overload of male energy surrounds you whether at home or at the workplace, find ways to “soften” the energy either through colors, flowers, crystals or any object that represents feminine energy and creates a balance. Additionally, don’t shy away from expressing your feminine energy during a teamwork activity at work. You don’t have to conform to the male dominating, logical, rational, way of problem solving. This week, be your truly divine feminine self for it will serve as an asset to your work environment. If you are a male, accept the advice of a woman this week in matters about romance, finance, and career. Her insight will be the answer you were looking for.

This week I partnered with Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards. As always, I thank God, The Holy Spirit, the teachings of Christ, the Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Ancestors for their continued support, guidance, and instruction.

I Love You. Be Blessed.

Tia DeShay

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