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Key Word(s): See

Click here to learn more about the gift of clairvoyance.

Click here to learn more about the gift of clairvoyance.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled this card was the wreath around the angel’s head, placed strategically above the third eye.  It reminded me of the floral wreath filter on Snapchat. Wreaths, in general, symbolize peace and protection. It’s interesting what many of us use as a cute filter on social media is significant spiritually and is the focus of October’s reading.

This month will call for us to use, sharpen, and trust our spiritual eyesight. Like the message on the side mirrors on our vehicles, objects will be closer than they seem this month. What has been hidden in plain sight is revealed this month IF we are open to it being revealed. There will be many instances where it’s as if we are seeing the world through a mirror: people, places, events, circumstances will show images of who we are and not the image we want the world to see.

Additionally, October will call for us being mind-FULL of the images we filter into our subconscious mind. October calls for us to redirect our focus and change our mental scenery. Remember, the mind does not distinguish between reality and entertainment, it takes everything we feed it visually, literally. Change the channel this month, tune into a different visual, paint your world a different hue, if you want to see changes in your environment. Stop watching videos filled with violence, sadness, hatred, and negativity, unless of course you want to see more of the same in your household, bank account, and relationships. If you want to keep repeating the same stressful, toxic, negative situations and events, than keeping feeding your subconscious mind a diet of visual negativity because at the end of the day, “the eye does not see what the mind does not know (Anonymous).”

This week I partnered with Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. As always, I thank God, the teachings of Christ, The Holy Spirit, my Ancestors, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides for their constant protection and guidance.

I Love You. Be Blessed.

Tia DeShay

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