Teaching To Learn, Learning To Teach

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Key Word(s): Teaching & Learning

Click here to have Tia DeShay facilitate your next workshop.

Click here to have Tia DeShay facilitate your next workshop.

This week presents the opportunity to be the participant or the facilitator, the teacher or the student. Each role is interchangeable and necessary for your personal development this week. Each encounter will ask you to give thought to your role. Are you being called upon to share your story, offer wisdom and insight? Or are you being called upon to sit still, listen, observe, take notes? Follow your intuition, the Creator’s prompting as to which role is best suited for the situation. I am sensing that you will learn the spiritual law of giving and receiving as it presents itself in the form of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. The more you learn the more you teach and the more you teach the more you learn.

This week I partnered with Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. As always, I thank God, the teachings of Christ, The Holy Spirit, my Ancestors, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides for their constant protection and guidance.

I Love You. Be Blessed.

Tia DeShay

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