A Queen And Her Emotions

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Key Word (s): Psychic Communication, Intuition, Angels, Supernatural Experiences/Encounters, Heightened Psychic Awareness

Click here to hear what your intuition is saying.

Click here to hear what your intuition is saying.

This month you will experience heightened psychic abilities. Expect more encounters and interactions with loved ones who have passed and with angelic beings. This psychic energy is feminine in nature, therefore expect higher levels of receptivity and the need to go within for answers versus going outside of yourself. I am hearing December is a month of being versus doing. You will BE your intuition, you will BE your spiritual gift, you will BE love, you will BE compassion, etc. In your being, you will produce, create, and imagine on a higher plane of existence. I am seeing and hearing the sounds and voices of midwives, both in the spirit realm and in the physical realm, preparing nurseries and rooms for babies, ideas, creative projects, and business ventures.

December is a month of immediate and spontaneous creative and intuitive expression. I am getting the sense that this expression is telepathic. You will think, send, and/or receive an idea and it will appear in the physical with the speed equal to radio and television waves. Additionally, water and nature will play a key role in speaking to us and healing us. Drinking water charged with affirmations and prayers will realign our bodies with our manifestations more quickly, therefore helping us to receive faster results.

Women of color will be key vessels in communicating with angels, loved ones who have passed on, receiving prophetic messages, and being vessels of visions and dreams this month. I am seeing them on stages speaking to large audiences revealing the messages and wisdom of Elders, Ancestors, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. More women of color will hold advisory positions, sit at the head of the table, lead peace talks, serve as mediators and mentors. They will control the ebb and flow of any emotional energy in any space be it home or business.

I am hearing as well that the events surrounding the Dakota pipeline is a symbol, a metaphor of the divine feminine emotional energy. Our Native American brothers and sisters are fighting and protecting the water and sacred nature energy of the land, all of which represents the psychic, intuitive feminine energy that the month of December expresses. Do you have the same tenacity, persistence, and courage to protect your feminine energy this month? Are you willing to face and quite possibly end relationships and conversations that disrespect, disenfranchise and silence women? Are you willing to face and quite possibly end relationships with women who use their emotional energy to manipulate, deceive, and gossip? It’s no coincidence that it’s a queen on this month’s card. Queens protect and defend. This is our call of action this month, to protect and defend the divine feminine.

Lastly, December will call for you to deal and own your emotions. Whatever, you have ignored and numbed with food, alcohol, work, sex, social media, it’s coming to the surface. I am seeing this process is like thousands of fish being washed to shore, flapping, fighting for air, but because it’s so many of them, they are unable to move and navigate their way back to the ocean. It’s time to cleanse, purge, detox, and purify yourself emotionally in December. I am sensing that this is not an option. It will occur in divine timing regardless of your to – do list.

This month I partnered with the Rider Waite Tarot Card Deck. As always, I thank Mother/Father God, the Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels for their continued guidance, protection, and support.

I Love You. Be Blessed.

Tia DeShay

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